How come I’ve never heard of this Italian restaurant down the street from my j.o.b.? Our boss has been holding out on us. He has never mentioned this little gem of a place just south of Melrose Avenue on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood – Il Piccolino (note: menu is not updated on website). Regardless, we are now aware and this eatery will easily replace our usual Italian lunch spot, Cecconi’s, which is incomparable in quality and taste.

Legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub apparently is good friends with the owners of Il Piccolino, which he frequents, among other celebrities, and even has a dish named after him – Jerry Weintraub’s Spaghetti Clam Show. His biography quietly sit on the top shelf above the register.

I plan on eating here again and again…

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My newest addiction is Zynga’s Scramble With Friends mobile game.

I wake and scramble. I play before I go to bed. I sneak a game whenever I’m waiting for more than 30 seconds for anything.

It’s available for download on iPhones and Androids for free (with annoying ads) or pay $0.99 cents for a supposed ad-free version and faster time gaining tokens back. I eventually bought the $0.99 version because I was tired of the video ads and it was great while is lasted. However, now ads started popping up again before starting a game. (-_-). It can be easily skipped.

If we are Facebook friends, let’s play. I’m waiting to kick your a$$.

Scramble With Friends Twitter:  @ScrambleWF
Scramble With Friends Facebook Fan Page

Sam Flores Mural
A portion of a Sam Flores mural. He’s everywhere in SF

Last weekend, I flew myself to San Francisco for leisure. The last time I was in the Bay was a few years ago and I told myself I would visit again soon. I decided a few months ago that this year I had to make it happen. Besides, it’s an hour on the plane. No excuses.

I had no concrete plans on what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go but I knew I wanted to connect with a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while. There were the usual spots that I always go to while in SF and, of course, a few new places to try.

Waiting for food in SF is inevitable. I waited for EVERY eatery, bakery and creamery I visited. It wasn’t fun.

Overall, great relaxing trip. Going to return very soon…

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hi readers.

sorry i’ve been away for so long. last time, i promised to post coachella pictures, which didn’t happen. then my cannes, france trip happened in may (film fest) and i planned on posting pics from that trip as well, which never saw the light of your monitor screen. it all just started piling up and i kept lagging until it no longer was in the forefront of my mind.

sincere apologies.

my readers have reminded me of my idleness on ¢hung¢hange. i didn’t realize i had dedicated readers to begin with. thanks for encouraging me to start back up.

i’m still enjoying food in all its glory, going to concerts, discovering the many cultures that exists within beautiful (and not so beautiful) los angeles. i’ll do a better job at highlighting my adventures with you in the upcoming weeks.



Had a long weekend at Coachella (my first time!) this past weekend and plan on blogging about that.  In addition, also went to Fafi’s book signing/mini art exhibit at Gallery Nucleus this past Monday that I plan to update you on as well. Stay tuned!  But in the meantime, wanted to share a video from my buddy Thurz….

Los Angeles-based rapper Thurz (“L.A. Riot”) and singer/songwriter/producer Miguel (“All I Want Is You”) chops it up real quick with Andreas Hale of TheWellVersed and Shake from 2DopeBoyz during this past SXSW Festival. The two discuss how they met, their remix collaboration (a shout out was given to my buddy Nick from TruthStudios), future projects together and culture/art scene in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles-based artist Lucky Bunny from creator Rich DeSimone returns to the thriving Las Vegas art scene for his second art exhibition “Strength in Numbers 2” on Friday, April 6, 2012 at the Joseph Watson Collection for Las Vegas’ famous ‘First Fridays’ art celebration. DeSimone will showcase limited edition silkscreen and giclee prints from his iconic imagery. This exhibition will include a new series (can be found at: that features his signature display of ironic and humorous art mixed with his acclaimed Lucky Bunny imagery. Select photos will also be featured, for the first time, from DeSimone’s “BunnyWoman” photography series, a never-before-seen project in collaboration between DeSimone and photographer Jeremy Jackson.

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Fafi, one of my favorite female artists, will be at Gallery Nucleus on Monday, April 16th for the opening reception of “The Carmine Vault,” a mini art exhibit and book release party (6pm  – 9pm). If you’re not familiar with her art, please do some research!

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My good friends over at Truth Studios, a boutique recording studio located in Hollywood, are doing something really special. A lot of exciting things will be exploding from there. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy an exclusive video of producer Chuck Inglish talking about making the beat for Rick Ross’ “Party Heart” in the lab. The video (after the jump) was shot and produced by Truth Studios TV.

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Los Angeles based artists rapper/singer Young De (aka Demrick) and producer/rapper Scoop DeVille teamed up and put out a bumpin’ EP last year called “Neva LOOK Back.”  They did a remix to one of the tracks “What’s Good!?” featuring Cliqou Nico and the talented Brevi. An oldie but a goodie, you can catch the music video and download the EP after the jump.

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Happy 18th anniversary, Juxtapoz magazine! Thanks to your group art exhibition (runs until April 14, 2012) at Copro Gallery this past Saturday, I found a few new artists that I am almost obsessed with – namely the highlighted artist of the event, Leslie Ditto, along with Charles Wish and  Tiffany Bozic.

The place was packed and the human traffic made it nearly impossible to enter/exit the gallery without a 15-30 minute wait time. Free wine RIGHT NEXT to the entrance didn’t help this situation either. I have a love and hate relationship with art openings because it usually means it will be super crowded. Unless you don’t care too much about the art, go to openings ONLY because that’s the most fun you’ll have during the run of the exhibition. If you enjoy art and especially personal space while staring at a painting, skip the opening and visit another day when it is guaranteed to be less crowded. Photos from the successful opening night after the jump…

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