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I try not to store all of my household belongings in the purse/bag that I am about to carry but it’s difficult to stray away from the “what if” questions that plague my mind upon stepping foot outside of the crib. What if I get stranded somewhere and need to make a fire for warmth or burn evidence to a crime I did not commit [insert side eye]? What if I see someone walking up to me whom I don’t want to talk to? What if my cell phone runs out of battery during a booty call? What if I’m on a boat and all of a sudden there’s a leak? What if the person next to me has dragon breath? The dilemmas of every day life lurks upon us and we must be prepared to take on the challenge(s).


It’s finally here… my long awaited blog.

It took me a while to think of a name for this space and even longer for my first post. I realized that things did not need to be complicated but rather simple like playing “boys chase girls” in elementary school. Just pick a target and run with it. ¢hung ¢hange, as noted in my ABOUT section, stands for my views on various adventures and ideas that is thrown my way aka my “two cents” on shit that intrigues me.