first post with the most.


It’s finally here… my long awaited blog.

It took me a while to think of a name for this space and even longer for my first post.  I realized that things did not need to be complicated but rather simple like playing “boys chase girls” in elementary school. Just pick a target and run with it. ¢hung ¢hange, as noted in my ABOUT section, stands for my views on various adventures and ideas that is thrown my way aka my “two cents” on shit that intrigues me.

There are a lot of new beginnings in my life right now – career, extracurricular activities and the ongoing process of self-actualization. All that has happened, whether positive or negative, I feel was a blessing in disguise. Negative moments give birth to intelligence, which by definition means the capacity for learning, understanding and having the aptitude of grasping truths. I learn from negative moments as it contributes to a better a chung of tomorrow. It breeds a new experience where I can relish and put under my belt which in turn adds a bit of confidence for future events because now I have “been there”… if that makes sense. I digress…

Finally getting some time on the motorcycle since earning my license a few months ago and it feels great. It’d be better if I had my own bike to practice with but I’ll work with what I have right now .. friends! Last week I tested the Ducati Monster 696. Bad move because now I want nothing less. That roaring beaut handles so well and perfectly fits my body size. I can see why it made it into Ask Men’s Top 5 Starter Bikes. I also started practicing on my acoustic guitar and that’s definitely a working progress. So far, I’ve only learned the first four chords of “More Than Words” by Extreme. Obviously, I did not begin the traditional way of learning guitar but fuck it. I enjoy throwing myself in the pool without knowing how to swim.

Tonight, I’ll be attending a Haiti benefit concert at The Echoplex (flyer to your left) in Echo Park, CA. Having already donated to @Wyclef’s Yele organization via text message, I figured why not give a little more support for good music attached to the bill. Side note: About half of the artists featured on the bill were mentioned in a recent article on Los Angeles Times’ Pop & Hiss music blog titled “10 in 2010: reasons to be cautiously optimistic about rap in the new year.” Oh, I’m definitely happy to be in this city right now. This rain is definitely not the business in the city of Lost Angels but I’m hopeful tonight’s crowd will be supportive, rain or shine.

I’m not really feeling the structure of this blog and still learning the tools of WordPress so bear with me and this shitty layout. I need to brush up on my HTML skills, it’s been a while.



6 Responses to “first post with the most.”

  1. 1 soulfullypoetic.

    nice! I wish I was going to that spot, in fact.. i REALLY wanted to go to that MLK benefit joint too, but unfortunately, I cant. Ill be seeing you soon, sis, so keep up the good work! May this blog become a blessing, and I hope this creates more avenues and more connections to many others as you go through on your journey with posting… =D

    Love ya, sis.

  2. The blog is finally here. I love the blog name;) By the way, that Cool Relief Benefit sounds like a good one to be at. It’s really good to see artists and regular people wanna support the relief effort in Haiti.

    Catch you on the later.

  3. 3 Slav

    The blog looks good to me. I missed you at the Echoplex jawn. It was fresh. I got some video of Nipsey doing “So Fresh (Feeling Myself)” of DX video section and on my blog.

  4. Great job with the first post and I love the blog name/concept. Keep up the excellent writing!

  5. Sincerely appreciate the love, guys.

  6. 6 beatsofallnations

    big up blogger.

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