contents of the day-to-day.


I try not to store all of my household belongings in the purse/bag that I am about to carry but it’s difficult to stray away from the “what if” questions that plague my mind upon stepping foot outside of the crib.  What if I get stranded somewhere and need to make a fire for warmth or burn evidence to a crime I did not commit [insert side eye]?  What if I see someone walking up to me whom I don’t want to talk to?  What if my cell phone runs out of battery during a booty call?  What if I’m on a boat and all of a sudden there’s a leak?  What if the person next to me has dragon breath?  The dilemmas of every day life lurks upon us and we must be prepared to take on the challenge(s).

You will notice that dead presidents are missing.  I don’t normally carry cash with me.  It usually does not last long enough to see moonlight.  Plastic is the way to go (except in Chinese and Mexican restaurants).  Keys are also missing because that’s a given to have in possession.  Occasionally, I’ll have a fruit of some kind (banana, pear or an orange) and will whip it out during outings – my friends can validate this.

Other than that, the below detailed list are the usual contents of my day-to-day carry-ons.  The affinity I have for gadgets and products of pretty colors dates back to when I was a child.  Having a computer nerd brother seven years my senior contributed to my gadget/tech fetish and I’m grateful for that.  If you look closely to my iPod, you can still see the original plastic cover unevenly cut out for the display window.  I once had a working 20 GB iPod and removed the plastic for a silicon protector and all kinds of scratches were produced.  While I am aware of the normal wear and tear of material items, I wanted to prolong that from happening to my upgraded toy.   I left the original plastic of my new iPod and patiently forced its way into its new silicon protector.  Let’s see how pristine the condition is when I decide to take it out for inspection one day.

Anyway, in no particular order:

  • iPod w/earphones – to keep me company in grocery stores, the library, while cycling, while gyming, while writing, while ignoring…
  • Mints – to offer to other people and occasionally I’ll pop in one my mouth too
  • Salmon Sushi Coin Purse – I’d eat it if I could
  • Clean & Clear Oil Blotters – Los Angeles has that heat that causes greasy faces (except in this weather)
  • Pen – autographs
  • BIC Lighter – always useful to have whether you smoke or not
  • Foremost Insurance Group Chapstick – got it at Moto GP last year
  • Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil Lip Balm – for that glossy look
  • Hair Tie – women always have one laying around
  • Tampax Tampon – for that boat leak
  • Sandisk 2 GB Mini Cruzer flash drive – useful as shit!
  • Canon Powershot SD 800 IS 7.1 MP – can’t miss embarrassing moments or car accidents
  • Four SD Cards – 2 GB (2), 1 GB (in camera) & 4 GB;  Why? I once lived a life of excess…
  • SD/MS All in One Card Reader – for those four SD cards I have (useful as shit!)
  • Green Synthetic Leather Card Holder – for my plastics and occasional “dolla, dolla bills ya’ll”
  • Extra Canon Camera Battery – always have an extra battery for everything
  • Hand Sanitizer – I’m often seen stuffing my face…
  • MAC Compact Powder
  • Complete Blink-n-Clean Contact Eye Drops
  • Cell Phone AC Adapter Charger – for that important booty call [insert sarcasm]
  • iPod USB cord
  • Western Digital 500 GB Elite Passport HD – you just never know…
  • Samsonite Camera Holder – need protection for my little gadgets

7 Responses to “contents of the day-to-day.”

  1. 1 hellafools

    wait, you carry the harddrive and the card reader on the daily? you are my hero. if i’m rockin a backpack, i’ve got the same hustle!

  2. 2 Casey

    Excess indeed. Really now, what are you doing with the extra SD cards? HD Passport is useful as shit too! So i feel ya on that.

  3. I just learned a lot more about you from this post. Good stuff.

  4. Yeah, my purse/bag is usually said to be “heavy” during the occasional times my friends hold it while I am putting on a coat or something.

    Casey – I love taking pictures of random things and especially food so the extra cards come in handy. Also, I also love stealing music from my friend’s computers and you can never go wrong with extra storage. All my gadgets intertwine together for maximum usage.

    Kris – I’m glad!

  5. 5 Nameless

    you’ve got good taste in pens. 🙂

  6. 6 AG

    That bit about the fruit is true. Once, I thought she was excited to see me. It turned out it was actually just fruit in her pocket. Utter disappointment.

  7. 7 soulfullypoetic.

    I need an mp3 player.

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