herro – i’m back.


Please forgive me for the year and some change absence.  Shortly after returning to the blogging world, I realized that it required a lot of commitment.  I thought too much into it — giving it weekly features, thinking of creative posts to entice more viewers, cool titles — and it eventually overwhelmed me to where I just quit just after a few posts.  It slowly dawned on me that my blog doesn’t have to be fantastical.  It’s a full-time job to maintain a blog but mine doesn’t have to be up to “Joe Bologne’s” caliber.

I sit here on the 4th of July to let you know that I am back.  A lot has changed since I last updated and a lot has remained the same.  My family and I welcomed Jaden Chung, my newborn baby nephew, into the world a little over a month ago.  I’m living under a new home, working at a new company and recently rekindled my childhood love for dodgeball / war ball (has anyone ever played war ball besides the people who attended grade school with me?!?) – s/o to @KimmyPITCHBLEND.

I’ve had the chance to hang out with Kevin Sorbo, known best for his “Hercules” TV show; attend (and work) at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival in France; discovered and became a fan of Bikram yoga; completed the master cleanse twice for a combined 28 days; almost got a DUI for passing out in my car after an event; and so on and so forth…

I am still motorcycle-less, lusting over the Ducati Monster 686 that I rode a few years ago.  It’s on my “must buy before you die” list, though.  Every time I see a rider pass by, I cringe with envy.  To fill that void, I just hop on my 1980’s Schwinn Super Sport (bicycle).  It’s not the same but provides a satisfying sense of liberation when on two wheels, even if I am pedaling instead of holding down the clutch to switch gears.  This just lets you know I am still cycling, even if I had a similar hiatus with it as i did with this blog…

Just a very brief summary of what has gone down in the past year.  Happy July 4th, everyone and I hope all of my friends are safe but belligerent while celebrating today’s holiday.  More on my France trip in the next post … promise!

— ¢hung ¢hange 


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