what i learned from jury duty: free parking, dash bus and MOCA


We’ve made many excuses NOT to go, faked “extreme hardships,” pretended not to speak or understand Engrish, intentionally (and maybe untruthfully) expressed hatred for people not of the same ethnic background, dogs, midgets (little people) and the abominable snowman and on the rare occasion, threw a tantrum in the courthouse before getting swiftly excused.  Just when you thought you were off the radar, avoided the mundane waiting game that is the assembly room, the government comes back in your life like an STD to summon you to for the most patriotic, American duty you can ever partake in as a citizen – jury mothereffin’ duty.

After rescheduling twice and apparently missing the day I was to report, I finally received my last warning for jury duty service with a letter stating that if I failed to report on the new scheduled date, I will surely be getting a warrant for my Chinese ass.  I was taken off the on-call program and was expected to show up no matter what.

Me to HR rep: “How many days are paid for jury duty?”

HR rep: “All days.”

Me: “Sweet.”

Here are some a few things I’ve learned from jury duty in Downtown Los Angeles that might benefit you in some way, shape or form.  These were thought of with no intentions of changing your life in a significant way.  It will not help you improve your communication skills, score you a love romance or get that promotion you undeservingly want.

  1. If you are running late on the FIRST day of reporting, you can still go and serve.  Even if you are over an hour late.  Yes, I was over an hour late.  I totally forgot that I was reporting that day until 10 minutes before I was suppose to arrive.  Thanks, phone alarm.  You’re not going to get in trouble or get shunned away.  Besides, you are going there to serve.  Why would they turn you down?!
  2. You get FREE parking with your juror badge/summons letter at the Walt Disney Concert Hall located on Grand Ave. and 1st St.  The parking entrance is located on Grand Ave. and 2nd St.  This is the only place where you will get free parking from the Los Angeles Superior Court.  When you complete your jury duty, they take away your badge and give you a Certificate of Completion so you would not be able to use it for free parking anymore.  HOWEVER, if you still have your summons letter from a time you failed to report, you can most definitely use that to your advantage.  It is obvious this would work during the day on business days only.  They almost never check the details of your summons and a majority of the time already assume you are a juror and will have your ticket ready for you.  We all know Downtown LA parking is a biteach.  And I think the countless number of parking tickets I’ve received over the years can warrant this…
  3. The DASH bus easily takes you to the Los Angeles Superior Court from the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Specifically, the B BASH, located on Grand Ave. and 1st St. (can be easily spotted with the purple signs).  Fare fee is .50 cents one way and the ride is about 5 minutes.  This will help you in getting to court on time if you are running late.  There are also other lines that travel all around Downtown Los Angeles, which can help you explore cool lunch spots during your break.  Make sure to grab a map in the bus to get routes or check here.
  4. The MOCA museum is across the street from the Walt Disney Concert Hall and entrance is free for jurors!  Just mention that you are one and they’ll quickly get you a ticket.  On my last day of duty, I checked out the museum.  Andy Warhol’s current Campbell’s Soup Cans are on display.  Their permanent collection is pretty neat too.  Check out some of the art below shot from my HTC EVO 4G phone!
  5. You get $15 a day and your miles compensated for serving.  However, your first day is not covered.  If you want to gain some extra change in your pocket, bring your own lunch and chill out on your hour and half lunch break.  I recommend bringing a double-bagged banh mi sandwich.  You cannot go wrong with that …. only if not double bagged because you will then offend everyone.  Or you can have the option of getting the pickled vegetables on the side.  I digress.
Unfortunately, I was not selected to serve for the criminal case after four days of jury selection.  Yes, I actually wanted to get picked.  It was a mini-vacay for me.  I get paid (by my company) to arrive at 10:30AM everyday and break at 4PM.  What a lovely schedule!  Cross fingers next year I will get lucky 😉

Not Cruel Enough

Andy Warhol x Mao Zedong


Get a Grip


8 Responses to “what i learned from jury duty: free parking, dash bus and MOCA”

  1. Enjoyable read!

  2. 2 Maddy Mud

    thanks for confirming what I thought was too good to be true — free MOCA

  3. 4 jason spallino

    what time do they want you to report in on the first day ever going?

    • 5 ¢hung¢hange

      jason – as early as 8am. whatever the time you have. should say on your summons.

  4. Where can I get a delicious Bahn Mi from? Love your post ❤

  5. 8 Gina Smith


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