shuffle playlist: the weeknd, polock, kendrick lamar, hot chip + more


Shuffle Playlist 8-6-11

I’ve owned quite a few iPods in my life but they never lasted or was stupidly given away.  R.I.P. to my 20GB from years ago and bad move on my iPod Nano that acquired a new owner (X), who still owes more than what is known.  My 30GB iPod (5th Gen?) works but when plugged, only one speaker picks up the tunes.  The insides are worn.  I should probably make a visit to the dreadful Apple store to see if I can fix it.  My only properly working iPod is the 2GB Shuffle, which is often used when I’m running or in the whip.  As you can imagine, 2GB does not allow me to splurge on the music importing so I have to be quite selective.  My playlist(s) is pretty diverse and I thought I’d share my current because it is pretty bangin’, IMO (in my opinion).  In no particular order (few with free downloads!):

The Weeknd – House Of Balloons

A friend of mine introduced me to this singer a few weeks ago.  I was born a R&B lover (grew up with Boyz II Men) and naturally, I’m a fan of it when it is good.  R&B is not what is used to be and I miss it dearly.  While incomparable to the
“good ole days” of R&B,  The Weeknd delivers groovy music to my R&B lovin’ ears.

Free download here.

Little Dragon – Ritual Union

As mentioned in my previous brief post on Little Dragon, I’m excited their new album is out. Been a fan since the first project and am glad they are still around blessing their fans with that hot sh!t.  Still looking for people who are interested in catching them live at Avalon, Hollywood on 10/6!

Kendrick Lamar – Section 80

I finally listened to Kenrick when Section 80 dropped.  Always heard the name, but never went out of my way.  I’m glad I am in the know now.  I like his delivery and content.  Delivery is very important to me.  If delivery is lacking, it’s hard for good content to get through my ears.  Sad, but true.  There have been pretty shi!tty rap albums as of late and am glad that Section 80 is not one of them. Check the reviews out there, this album is a keeper.

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Their debut album Robbers and Cowards stuck with me for a few months and then I had to change it because I played it so many times.  The Long Beach natives makes good music and I like listening to them.  That is all.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

I saw Hot Chip perform at the Wiltern in Los Angeles around 2008 and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.  They are really good performers with a lot of energy and it was just fun!  That was also around the same time I realized I liked electronic music.

Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra EP Mixtape

A member of the infamous OFWGKTA group, I would consider mister Frank Ocean to be a gem of them all as far as his talents go (I’m bias because R&B is the sh!t).  You may know him from his HIT single “Novacane.”  If you loved that song but haven’t heard the rest, what is wrong with you?  I see him blowing up really big if everything goes accordingly and no fu¢k ups occur.  Guys, this is just his EP mixtape.  Can’t imagine how dope the official debut album is going to be.

Free download here.

Keys N Krates – Almost 39 Minutes Mixtape

This Canadian trio is a special group indeed.  After listening to two remix tracks, I was sold.  Their skills are bonkers but I heard they have slowly strayed away from their original sound (hip hop-ish) to something completely differently and quite possibly, something not as awesome.  Nonetheless, I hope they continue to move forward no matter the genre.  As long as it makes me want to move my feet.

Free download here.

While I don’t have their “Live Re-Mixing 101” in my current playlist, I still wanted to let you know that it can be found here.  Your welcome in advance.

Sonar Kollectiv – The Instrumental Session Compilation

 I’m a big fan of instrumentals, beats, music with no words .. you know, the good stuff.  This compilation has everything from breakbeats and jazzy house to hip hop and dub from various artists.  I don’t know how I came upon this album.  I don’t know where I downloaded it from but all I know is that it was good to discover it in my iTunes library.  I like pleasant surprises.

Polock – Getting Down From The Trees

Polock is a band from Spain who sings in English to capture the full experience of how their music should be heard, which is also a reflection of their influences from around the world (I hear Radiohead, The Shins and Beatles among a few others).  What a refreshing sound from Spain.  @kcrw introduced me to them one awesome afternoon while Polock was live in their studio via the radio airwaves.  Can’t wait for their second album!

The Strokes – Angles

Awesome album.  Makes my head bounce up and down and arms fly up in the air.  ‘Nuff said.

Misc. Tracks

Radiohead “Little by Little (Caibou Remix)”

Radiohead “Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Remix)”

Young De  aka @iamDemerick “Ready 2 Go” Ft. Scoop DeVille, Xzibit and Brevi.  Free download here.

The Kid Daytona “Long Way To Go.”  Download the whole album for free here.

The Kid Daytona “No Idea’s Original (Bonus Track)”

SBTRKT “Wildfire Remix” Ft. Yukimi Nagano (of Little Dragon) and Drake.  Free download here.

Reach “Rock”

Release the Sunbird “No Light”

Pharrell & Pusha T “Stay With Me” Instrumental

Pharell “Say Somethin'” Instrumental

Jackiem Joyner “Off The Wall”

Curren$y “Smoking Good” Ft. Yukmouth and Chop B

Band of Horses “Windows Blues”

Band of Horses “Detlef Schrempf”

Bonobo “Hidden”

Autuer Jazz “Tomorrow Knows” Ft. Sara Sayed


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