SUPPORT – LA Vs. WAR: Art for Peace in the Hope Era


There are currently 978 likes for John Carr’s progressive “LA Vs. WAR” art project/exhibition on that will hopefully receive enough money for it’s inception on Sept. 9th through the 11th in Downtown Los Angeles in remembrance of the 9-11 attack.  Potential “backers” have an option to donate $1 or more towards this event.  It would be awesome if the other 977 (excluding me) people selected this option because that is an additional $977 for the project and I know damn well not everyone donated.  It’s only a $1, guys!  If you liked it, be a $1 backer.

LA Vs. WAR will mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 2001 attacks with a massive group art exhibition and event taking place in Downtown Los Angeles from 9/9/11 to 9/11/11 at the Vortex. LA Vs. WAR presents some of today’s most prolific, pro-peace/anti-war, political artists in a multi-media exhibition chronicling the creative responses to the current military conflicts in the Middle East/North Africa/Central Asia, The Global War on Terror, the Drug Wars, and other wars on marginalized peoples. After the September 2011 show, we plan to travel the exhibition as “Vs. WAR” to other cities in the U.S. and abroad in the spirit of peace and creative collaboration.

LA Vs. WAR is part exhibition, part experience. The art show will be curated byYo! Peace, Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Political Gridlock and Ad Hoc Art and will feature a large selection of fine art and limited edition prints and posters. Live art demonstrations and workshops will engage the audience in creative activities ranging from graffiti, t-shirt printing, stenciling, and more. Teach-ins with our grassroots partners will inform and inspire attendees to transform their own lives and communities.

John Carr only has EIGHT days left, people!  Him and his crew are still $1,235 away from reaching their reasonable goal of $5K.  Let’s make it happen for them, for us, for LA and most importantly for art.  It’s not because I want my “EAT WELL. YOU ARE MADE OF FOOD” print by artist Favianna Rodriguez and “Yo Peace” t-shirt that I backed a few weeks ago (I actually want the “LA Vs. War” one – I’m sure we can work something out).  *insert side eye* Alright, I want the damn print.  And I want the damn t-shirt.  And I really want to attend the event and make it successful.

I hope you read this with a kind heart.  $1 is not going to hurt your wallet too much.  You like stickers?  They have a limited edition one waiting to be slapped onto your laptop.  Are your walls bare?  Decorate them with pretty colored prints.  Need friends?  Their t-shirts will make you look cool and maybe approachable.  C’mon!

But don’t let me try to convince you.  Just check out their video here (I had such a hard time trying to embed it – hmph!).

Become a backer today by clicking here


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