LUNCH: couscous, oyster mushroom, brussel sprout salads | joan’s on third



I already obsessively take pictures of my meals/snacks and post on my FB.  It was only obvious that I would start blogging about my daily meals, should they be worthy enough.

Where: Joan’s on Third (West Hollywood/Mid-City West)

What: Three salad plate  – $11.25 (10% off with KCRW Fringe Benefit Card)

  1. Brussel Sprout Salad with Dates, Manchego and Toasted Almonds
  2. Tree Oyster Mushroom with Toasted Walnuts
  3. Couscous with Dried Berries & Toasted Pinenuts
Verdict:  I’ve been to Joan’s before but tasted their pastries, not food.  Initially, I wanted to get their apricot ham and brie sandwich because I read some good things about that but then I saw their daily salad specials .. visuals are always great in helping me decide what I want to stuff my face with so I had to skip the sandwiches for now.  I’m definitely going back to try other items.  Breakdown:
  1. Brussel sprouts salad – wonderful.  The manchego cheese and sprouts calms the sweetness of the dates.  They all blend well together.  The almonds give it a nice crunch.  I love nuts in my food.
  2. Mushrooms – someone forgot the toasted walnuts because I didn’t bite into any of those nuts.  At first taste, salt comes to mind.  But it quickly goes away and seem to work after a few bites.  I would still go with less salt because it’s almost at the tipping point of “too much.”  Again, where’s the walnuts?
  3. Couscous – amazingly refreshing.  I’m a big fan of dried fruit in my food.  And there are pineNUTS.  You cannot go wrong with this dish.

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