LUNCH: vegan mac-n-cheese, steamed kale, vegan pudding | veggie grill



This place easily won my heart when I first sunk my teeth into their Grillin’ Chickin’ burger and All Hail Kale salad with ginger-papaya vinaigrette dressing.  Picture above is what I ate for my lunch PART TWO.  Earlier, I had myself a bowl of Something Healthy’s amazing Tomato Basil Soup with croutons and more-than-a-handful of Trader Joe’s Crunchy Curls, which I plan on featuring in my “Current Favorite TJ Snack” post – another thing I thought of starting on this blog.  It won’t be named exactly that but something along those lines.

Where: Veggie Grill | Farmer’s Market

What: Kids Meal – $6.25

  1. Kids’ Entree: Vegan Mac-n-Cheese (brown rice macaroni pasta, VG-cheese, toasted garlic bread crumbs)
  2. Side: Steamed Kale Salad (no dressing)
  3. Beverage: Strawberry Lemonade
  4. Dessert: Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Verdict:  I like small portions because I’m a sampler/taster.  Since I already had an early start on lunch, I wanted something small and healthy so I thought of Veggie Grill, newly added to LA’s famous Farmer’s Market.  Perfect spot to roam around after eating because next door is The Grove (outdoor shopping center) and Farmer’s Market for people watching.  This wasn’t the greatest meal … nor is it the most exciting but I would order again for other items.

  1. Mac-n-Cheese: I like.  As a cheese lover, I didn’t mind the vegan cheese.  It worked and the texture is about the same as the real thing.  However, there could have been more garlic bread crumbs.  I hardly tasted any in my batch.  Next time, I want to get their Chickin’ Nuggets, which is also an option you can choose for kids’ entree along with pasta with marinara.
  2. Kale Salad:  No like.  Needs dressing.  Without it, tastes like biting into a bittermelon, another one of my least favorite foods.  Bad kale, bad *slaps imaginary hand*  Next time, I want to get their Sweet Potato Fries.  Carrot sticks are also an option.
  3. Strawberry Lemonade:  Would have been better if it had some real strawberry pieces floating around.  Other than that, it is just water, lemon and sugar with hint of strawberry.  I never really cared for beverages with meals.
  4. Choco Pudding:  All of their desserts are free of dairy, cholesterol and refined sugars which I appreciate.  Refined sugar is like crack, keeps you wanting more.  I like this dessert but I’d rather order their Vegan Choco Chip Cookie, which is UH-MAZING!

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