BFAST: toasted, hallowed bagel breakfast sandwich | R&C



Every Friday morning, my company has breakfast catered for us and all other days cereal, (soy) milk, orange juice and daily Starbucks coffee among other typical things a company usually provides for their employees.  This isn’t the Google offices (I’ve heard of the CEREAL room that I can only picture in my head.  Dear Jeebus you Google employees are so lucky).  I look forward to breakfast every Friday morning because that is the only time I get to make and eat my bagel breakfast sandwich.  This is also the rare occasion that I eat anything other than cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats + Almonds!) for breakfast.  I don’t like big breakfasts and feeling bloated afterwards.


Where:  R&C

What:  Toasted, hallowed half bagel breakfast sandwich

  1. Cranberry bagel
  2. Scrambled eggs
  3. Salsa
  4. Bacon
  5. Side: Hashbrowns + ketchup

Verdict:  After a while of the same Friday breakfast items, you have to get creative with your choices.  I first started off with a whole hallowed bagel sandwich but realized that it was more than my stomach could handle.  So I broke off half a bagel, hallowed that one and tore that in half and BAM! … the winner was found.  With all of the ingredients combined, I am Captain Pla…. I mean, I am a satisfied employee.   But here’s a breakdown of each item that makes the winner.

  1. Cranberry bagel:  I usually like to get the onion bagel but they ran out today.  I prefer the onion one.  Anything carb that is toasted is cool with me.
  2. Scrambled eggs:  Without salsa or ketchup, these scrambled eggs taste like eating soggy paper.  I would never eat these alone!
  3. Bacon:  Crispy fat goodness in my mouth.
  4. Hashbrowns:  Sometimes crispy, sometimes not.  When with ketchup, it is all good.

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