LUNCH: gnocchi w/ crab and saffron + cannoli, pistachio gelato | cecconi’s


Potato gnocchi, crab and saffron

My colleague just came back from the Toronto Film Festival and suggested we go this Italian place for lunch today that’s just across the street from us. I’ve always wanted to try their food so it was perfect to get away from the office and catch up.

Sicilian cannoli, pistachio gelato

Where:  Cecconi’s | West Hollywood

What:  Potato gnocchi with crab and saffron – $18 | Sicilian cannoli, pistachio gelato – $10

Verdict:  First off, I just wanted to say that their Ahi Tuna tartare with avocado, chili and mint (not pictured) was amazing.  My colleague ordered this dish and we ended up sharing it.  I’d definitely come here again to try other dishes because everything tasted so fresh!

  1. Gnocchi:  They were soft and so fresh.  The flavors were not overwhelming and I think the crab went well with the sauce.  However, I would have liked more flavor to the sauce to complement the potato gnocchi.  This was my only gripe.  It was a good dish but not great.  I wouldn’t order again.
  2. Cannoli + pistachio gelato:  We split this one.  Cannoli was good but I’ve had better.  Or maybe I’m just not a fan of cannoli with cream?  I’ve had the cannoli at Pizzeria Osteria and it was deliciously filled with different flavos of gelato instead of cream.  I thought that was a nice touch.  The pistachio gelato was good but again, I’ve had better.  Have been a gelato snob ever since my Milan trip back in ’08.  Same verdict as the gnocchi’s, good but not great and probably would not order again.

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