WATCH: frank kozik x kidrobot interview


Frank Kozik

Artist Frank Kozik speaks candidly to Babylon Falling about his work over the past 25 years, how he got into the toy making business and his collaboration with Kidrobot.  I appreciate raw honest people and Kozik is definitely on that list.

I first became a fan when I saw his Smorkin’ Labbits on the Kidrobot site.  Eventually bought a few of his Smorkin’ Mongers t-shirts at a Kidrobot sample sale years ago (that was an awesome sale).  The front of the t-shirts had either Jake, the Amazing Smorkin’ Watermelon or a Smorkin’ Ice Cream cone with a cigarette in its mouth and a thought bubble in the back that read “Smoking is bad.”  Loved the irony in those shirts.

“I don’t have a political problem with, like, making money.  [Be]cause if you have money you can do cool shit, right?  That’s how it works” – Frank Kozik

S/O: Kidrobot


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