WATCH: garfield adams “for my city” ft. josh koslow | official music video


Josh Koslow, myself and Garfield Adams

Los Angeles based producer Garfield Adams (@garfield_adams) drops the official music video for his first single “For My City” featuring trumpeteer Josh Koslow, which is available for free download, off his debut album “1st Things First” hitting shelves November 11, 2011.  The video was directed by Joris Debeij.  People who made this possible:  Cycling crews Treats ‘n Beats (T&B), Black Kids On Bikes and The Shady Bunch, entertainment division of T&B.  Catch my cameo at 1:10 into the video!

This video is dedicated to all cyclists, musicians and lovers of good music who take pride in their respective cities. When the song was conceptualized, my intention was to capture that feeling that you get when you’re riding through the city with nothing but your tunes, your bike and open road. The end result is something I believe is so much more universal than just our Los Angeles bike scene and all the amazing people in it and I hope this includes YOU…ENJOY!

It was one of the hottest days this summer the day of the video shoot with 90+ degrees.  We rode from the Memorial Park Gold line station in Pasadena to Senor Fish in Downtown Los Angeles.  What a way to end a nice, hot ride – with delicious food.  My shrimp burrito was scrumptious.  Had a great time with everyone.  Check out the final product below:

For more information on Garfield Adams, click here
Check out Garfield Adams’ blog here.  
Follow Garfield Adams on Twitter:  @garfield_adams


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