PHOTOS: la vs. war II – art for peace in the hope era | art show


LA Vs. War II: Art for Peace in the Hope Era

This past weekend, Los Angeles was blessed to have John Carr’s “LA Vs. War II: Art for Peace in the Hope Era” pro-peace/anti-war exhibition held at Downtown LA’s The Vortex in remembrance of the 9/11 attack.  The art show had its opening reception on Friday, September 9th and ran through yesterday, Sunday September 11th.  With the help of and all of its backers, Carr was able to raise more than enough funds to make this event come into fruition.

Mear One

There were some pretty damn good art at the exhibition.  Some of my favorite artists who showcased their work included Shepard Fairey, Mear One and Chase along with new favorites Enik One, CryptikLucky Bunny (@LuckyBunnyRich) and Lydia Emily.

Speaking of Lucky Bunny, check out Craoe Steez tagging his shirt on the last day of LA Vs. War in the name of peace. Would have been dope if he had bunny ears on. Just sayin’…

Art shows usually have music and a nice little party vibe only on the day of opening reception. LA Vs. War, on the other hand, had a full line of talented DJs scheduled for the entire weekend including some of your favorites (and mine) Gaslamp Killer, House Shoes, Plann B, Destroyer and many others.

Hit + Run

Hit + Run was also at the event doing live screenprinting for shirts that you may have brought yourself or copped one at the event for $10 a pop.

Two things could have made the event better: food and alcohol.  Food trucks are abundant nowadays and this would have been a great place for home-street-home trucks to make some money.  And great music needs to be coupled with alcohol (okay, I may be bias here).  Of course, I don’t know the complexities of getting a liquor license or securing a food truck at a venue.  But all I could think about was a nice Redbull + Grey Goose for the afro funk beats that were blasting from the speakers Friday evening.

Live art

All in all, there were many talents and beautiful people under one roof for a great cause.  That’s the most important thing.  Check out the slideshow to see what you missed out on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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