FREE MUSIC: “breakthrough” ft. joy jones & cover art + track listing



Producer-rapper duo T.iM.E (Theimagination + E Reece) just released their latest single “Breakthrough” featuring Joy Jones off their The T.iM.E Is Now EP scheduled to drop on October 11, 2011.

Producer Theimagination and MC E Reece have joined forces to present their debut EP The T.iM.E is Now set to release onOctober 11, 2011 on Elevated Mental Recordings/Culture Digital Music. Both members of the newly formed duo T.iM.E are forces to be reckoned with, each with a long list of accomplishments and paid dues under their belts as soloists.

Having previously collaborated on several of E Reece’s projects (Next Up EP, A New Breed LP, L.I.S.n 2 This Live.In.Studio. LP,Concrete Steppin LP and more), the duo’s chemistry is firmly set in place. With the The T.iM.E is Now EP in their sights, E Reeceand T.iM are set to bring their formula of experimental sounds and hard-hitting lyricism to their combined fan bases, while creating a new following thirsty for progressive sounds and thoughtful rhyming. For T.iM.E the alliance has been forged in stone, the bar has been set high by both of them and the time for change begins now.

Download: T.iM.E. “Breakthrough” Ft. Joy Jones


The T.iM.E. Is Now album cover art + track listing


1. Know the T.iM.E feat Sivion
2. Breakthrough feat Joy Jones
3. Sky Walker
4. Many Styles (Satellite Interlude)
5. Party Up feat Tomorrow Yesterday & Basicali
6. R U Ready
7. Lost One

T.iM.E. website


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