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I should watch television more often so I can catch funny commercials like Allstate’s Blind Spot Mayhem, which I thought was pretty clever.  The face that the guy makes at 0:12 is just great. I know all about blind spots.  Although my Prius has 10 windows, every direction I look through my mirrors are blind […]

Yes, this is another Radiohead/Thom Yorke post.  I just can’t get enough…. Thom lays down some great selections on his recent BBC Radio 6Mix 2-hour takeover DJ set.  As BBC Radio points out, “Thom needs no introduction.”  Let’s have his music selection, which includes some of my favorites – J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Dabyre, Felix da Housecat, Flying Lotus, PJ Harvey + […]

In celebration of Radiohead’s remix album ‘TKOL RMX 1234567,” Thom Yorke did a 30-minute DJ set (on Oct. 11th) along with Jamie XX, Caribou, Lone and Illum Sphere, who all are featured on the album.  We’ve seen Thom sing, dance, strum the guitar, bang his fingers on a piano and electrify his body in the […]

The trailer for Josh Trank’s upcoming film CHRONICLE, which is set to hit screens February 3, 2012, is shot with a home camera.  The film is about three friends, who gain superpowers from a mysterious substance, that turn on one another when personal problems arise. My interest for a movie immediately diminishes when I see that it is shot […]

Since joining Klout, my social media activity has stayed consistent.  It’s just something about putting your social media influence onto graphs and translating it into metrics that encourages innanet folks to stay active or strive for more.

Stumbled upon some enlightening information today.  Author, lifelong social activist and feminist Grace Lee Boggs has a message for supporters and participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Although she thanks participants for “breaking through the  silence,” she admits, with a smile, that we “have a long way to go.” 

One of my favorite rappers of all time.  Like Tyler, the Creator, I’d have to say that my favorite Nas album would have to be “God’s Son.”  Illmatic, yadda, yadda.  Not taking anything away from that album but “God’s Son” had so much heart and significance from him that I felt like I was really […]

I really like the rusty look on Lucky Bunny’s new limited (20) Special Edition Grenade Bunny, which made its debut at New York Comic Con 2011 today.  This dirty little thing is in partnership with Hold Up Art and Pretty in Plastic (PIP).  The bad boy bunny retails for $200 and is available for pre-orders at PIP’s […]

My first time trying Frosted Cupcakery was at their Belmont Shore location many moons ago and remembered it to be unmemorable.  Now that they’ve opened their second location in Hollywood, it gives me a reason to give them a second chance since Long Beach is so far away.  Okay, maybe their recent partnership with […]

Black Star (Yasiin Bey, formly known as Mos Def + Talib Kweli) stopped by The Colbert Report last week to perform two tracks – Fix Up (unreleased) and Astronomy (8th Light) – and to talk briefly with the comedic host.  Colbert was hilarious and had great synergy with the hip-hop duo.  They discussed “underground” hip-hop […]