SNACKY POO: choco / pb buttercream cupcake | frosted cupcakery courtesy of scoutmob



My first time trying Frosted Cupcakery was at their Belmont Shore location many moons ago and remembered it to be unmemorable.  Now that they’ve opened their second location in Hollywood, it gives me a reason to give them a second chance since Long Beach is so far away.  Okay, maybe their recent partnership with had something to do with the second chance thing.  In celebration of their grand opening, Scoutmob’s current LA deal gives you one (1) 100% free standard cupcake of your choice from Frosted.  What does a “standard cupcake” mean?  I have no idea.  Hurry up – you have five (5) days left to get a code for this offer.


What:  Chocolate / peanut butter buttercream cupcake | $2.95 (free with current Scoutmob deal)

Where:  Frosted Cupcakery | Hollywood

Verdict:  Cake – moist.  Frosting – not too sweet.  Overall – satisfyingly good!  The frosting was proportional with the cake.  Oftentimes, cupcake shops put too much frosting that is too sweet.  As you can see from the photo above, the frosting is evenly spread on top of the cupcake.  It’s not a huge dollop of sugar!  The buttercream was generously topped with, what seemed like, crushed Butterfinger pieces.  Not only is the cupcake good, but the price is right for the size and quality.  Frosted, you’ve made your redemption.



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