WATCH: grace lee boggs’ message to occupy wall street



Stumbled upon some enlightening information today.  Author, lifelong social activist and feminist Grace Lee Boggs has a message for supporters and participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Although she thanks participants for “breaking through the  silence,” she admits, with a smile, that we “have a long way to go.” 

Her words that we should take into consideration:

This enemy of ours is not just Wall Street, it’s the whole culture.  It’s a way of looking at us and valuing ourselves in each other.  And how you are going to move beyond challenging Wall Street … how you’re going to move to become part of the solution.

Her words are a testimony of her decades experience in fighting for civil justice.  She acknowledges the efforts of the people but also challenges them on their next steps, which are crucial in executing the proposed solutions for the 99%. 

Grace has been an active participant in social justice movements for more than 70 years.  She has dedicated her to the next American Revolution.

Check out what else Gree Lee Boggs had to say to Occupy Wall Street:

The video was shot by filmmaker and UCLA alumni Grace Lee, who is currently working on a documentary on Boggs’ and her life’s work titled American Revolutionary.  I am definitely looking forward to the completed project.

Grace Lee Boggs – Boggs’ Center website:
Grace Lee Boggs’ Wikipedia:

Grace Lee website:
American Revolutionary website:

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