WATCH: chronicle (2012) movie trailer



The trailer for Josh Trank’s upcoming film CHRONICLE, which is set to hit screens February 3, 2012, is shot with a home camera.  The film is about three friends, who gain superpowers from a mysterious substance, that turn on one another when personal problems arise.

My interest for a movie immediately diminishes when I see that it is shot with said equipment.  While I immediately start pigeonholing the film, I watch through it in hopes it could end up being something other than a remake of PARANORMAL ACTIVITYTHE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and the like.  Don’t get me wrong.  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was a huge success for such a low budget film.  It was another testament that high quality movies can be made with little money.  But I digress.

The CHRONICLE trailer piqued my interest because 1) it doesn’t look like a remake of the aforementioned films and 2) it challenges viewer’s perception of the special effects used, making them inch closer to the screen to get a better look as to how it happened in the first place.  This happened to me, at least.  I just might watch this on the big screen when it releases. 

What do you guys think of this trailer?

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