LUNCH: house-cured gravlox sandwich, roasted beet salad | campanile



There are many fine LA. eateries that have been on my list of places to try for years now.  And are there oh so many places to choose from in Los Angeles.  It’s hard to keep up, which explains why I have a list in the first place.  Groupon gave me some credit to use on their Groupon Now service, so I figured I’d use it to finally try Campanile.  Jumping on a leap of faith, I ordered a few items in hopes of a decent lunch…


What: Roasted Beet Salad – baby arugula, jamon serrano, shaved carrot, feta, oregano vinaigrette $12 | House-Cured Gravlox (salmon) sandwich – dill cream, arugula, sliced red onion, pumpernickle $16 | Fries – bacon aïoli, curry mayonnaise, chipotle ketchup $6

Where: Campanile | Mid-City / Los Angeles

Verdict: I can see how spending more dinero for quality food, despite small portions, can be worthwhile.  But only on some items 🙂 Next time I’m ordering the entrees – popular pork chops or crisp flattened chicken.

  1. Roasted Beet Salad – wonderful and refreshing.  I’m a lover of beet salads (except Vinoteque’s – it was disappointingly bland).  Their beets had a hint of sweetness that paired well with the feta and jamon serrano, which is a type of dry-cured Spanish ham served in raw, thin slices.  Sweet meets salty equals goodness.  I would order again.
  2. House-Cured Gravlox (salmon) sandwich: the dill cream made all of the difference in the world.  If it wasn’t for the dill sauce, the sandwich would have been tasteless.  The salmon slices were thin (refer to above pic), didn’t break easily with my teeth biting efforts and was bland.  There was a side of greens that was also tasteless.  Fresh, but nothing to crave for.  Good, light item but would not order again.  I don’t think it is worth $16.
  3. Fries: Once you’ve achieved perfect crispy fries status, it’s all about the condiments.  The bacon aioli did absolutely nothing for me.  The winners were chipotle ketchup and curry mayo.  The ketchup had a perfect kick to it and was definitely spicy but not overwhelming to the palette.  Small portion of perfect fries with small portions of 2/3 yum dipping sauces for $6 …. hmmmm …. may order again depending on appetite.



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