RECAP: designer con @ pasadena convention center | nov. 5, 2011



This recap is two weeks too late but I don’t care.

I was fortunate to check out, I believe, the 5th installment of Designer Con on Saturday, Nov. 5th at the Pasadena Convention Center with my buddy Rich DeSimone aka Lucky Bunny.  This is not a convention where you pay $20 for attendance just to spend more money on products from your favorite artists.  Tickets were only $7 and that gave you their Designer Con 2011 collector’s card, a program and a raffle ticket to win prizes.  What a great deal!  If anyone ever had problems finding gifts for their loved ones, DCon is packed with awesomely cute and cool collectibles for you to choose from.  It was hard for me to say, “No” to myself when I passed by every booth.  With little time to spare and the parking meter ticking away, I made my way through the small convention of wonderful art and characters.

The place was filled with fanboys/gals and many artists who I admired, enjoyed and became a new fan of – Ragnar, Bored Inc. (esp the Stinky Poo character), Furry Bones, Buff Monster and many others.  I didn’t have time to stop and jot down every name.


Rich DeSimone with his giant Grenade Bunny

Rich’s giant Grenade Bunny was on display at Pretty in Plastic’s booth along with a sample of his (sold out) Special Edition Grenade Bunny that debuted at this year’s New York Comic Con.  He placed a stack of bunny stickers on the table and it was immediately gone in a matter of minutes.  People love stickers.  I love stickers.


PhotobucketI instantly became infatuated with Bored Inc.’s booth specifically because of the Stinky Poo and T.P. characters.  From stickers, keychains, plush toys and framed art to toilet paper covers, t-shirts and tote bags, no product was smear-free of the poo.  Bored Inc. had other cutesy characters but I have to say that the poo-petrators of the #occupythetoilet movement were standouts!!

What gave me the biggest laugh was the “i pity the poo” framed art (picture on left), which I bought along with the Stinky Poo and T.P. friends forever one.  Both are currently hanging in my bathroom – only the most fitting decoration allowed.  #occupthetoilet


I am definitely going back again next year!  Check out more photos in the gallery below:


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