SNACKY POO: pumpkin pie ice cream sandwich | coolhaus



Yesterday, the lovely @coolhaus truck stopped by the office to give us complimentary ice cream sandwiches.  I guess it was in celebration of their grand opening store in Culver City, where they were also handing out free sandwiches.  I’ve always wanted to try coolhaus but never could fork out over $3 for an ice cream sandwich given the existence of Diddy Riese in Westwood, who sells their diverse ice cream sandwiches for just $1.50.  Yummy and what a deal.


What: Pumpkin ice cream, top chocolate chip cookie, bottom chocolate cookie

Where: coolhaus Truck | R&C

Verdict: The pumpkin pie ice cream was very yummy.  However, upon first bite I could not help but to think, “this is a damn hard a$$ cookie.”  They tasted like they came from a vending machine.  Did we get a day’s old cookies?  If not, damn.  Please make them better.

The coolest thing about coolhaus’ ice cream sandwiches are the EDIBLE (bland) wrappers. Yes, I bit into one of those things and it melted away.  This very cool factor does not make the bad cookies any better.  Again, please make them better if you are going to charge more than 2 times what Diddy Riese is charging for their product.

Hell to the yes for their ice cream.  Hell to the no for their cookies.


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