WATCH: orgasm during childbirth | alternative to the hospital



Yes, this is legit. No, this is not spam.

One of my biggest fears is going through labor but after watching this video, I am less scared and even willing to consider the thought of it actually happening. I’ve heard more bad/mixed stories than good in my lifetime. I think many of my female friends would appreciate this “best kept secret” video.  I am in favor of natural births and now with this newly found intel, I am more inclined to consider it myself.  Apparently, with the right amount of preparation and support, a woman can have an orgasm while giving a natural birth.  Seriously. Probably the farthest thing a woman would expect as it has been documented and confirmed by media and history to be a tedious and daunting task.  But who knew that one of the most painful experiences a woman can experience can also be an extremely pleasurable one.  Check out the video after the jump.

I’m sure it would be a costly procedure to prepare for and go through but I hope one’s medical insurance would provide options to lessen the hardship. I haven’t researched on those particular details as I do not have a need but I might at some point in the future.

I wonder if Eryah Badu had an orgasm during hers….


One Response to “WATCH: orgasm during childbirth | alternative to the hospital”

  1. Though I never had an orgasm during labor, the
    feeling of a baby being born is orgasmic. Build up and incredible release. amazing.

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