LUNCH: diego’s favorite seabass | brazilian bossa nova cuisine



Happy New Year, everyone!  What better way to start off the first blog post of 2012 than with FOOD, one of my favorite things to talk about and consume.

Our department frequents Bossa Nova when we decide to go on lunch to catch up on business and everyone’s holiday festivities. I usually order the Cristie’s BBQ chicken sandwich but decided to try something different today – Diego’s Favorite Seabass.

What: Diego’s Favorite Seabass – charboiled seabass with lemon caper creamy sauce and leeks risotto | Lunch: $12.99

Where: Brazilian Bossa Nova Cuisine | West Hollywood

Verdict: If you are not familiar with the taste of capers, please note they are usually served pickled.  At first bite of the risotto, the saltiness from sauce (due to the capers) was a bit overwhelming but slowly calmed after biting more into the rice.  Leeks and chopped onions were in the risotto, which is a hard dish to perfect.  Oftentimes, the rice is the hardest part to cook as most fail cooking them all the way through leaving some parts of the rice crunchy.  The leeks risotto was indeed a bit crunchy, something I was prepared for.  I was fixated at smashing all of the uncooked parts of the rice with my teeth than focusing on enjoying my meal.  But it was tasty nonetheless.

The seabass was charboiled nicely and paired well with the sauce and rice.  Overall the dish was pretty good.  Would I order this again?  Only if I was feeling for something on the heavier side….


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