WATCH: 626 fung brothers ft. jason chen



I’ve never heard of the Fung Brothers until Irving Der schooled me on them today. He excitedly told me about a “626” video that I should watch because I would immediately relate and understand. Boy, was he right. Every place that was featured in the video, I was thinking “I’ve been there,” “I’ve eaten that” and “Wow.”  Even my friend’s restaurant made it into the video – Dip’s Grill (hi June!).  Let’s just say this music video pays homage to awesome San Gabriel Valley (SGV) eateries. And I just learned that it was directed by former Cashmere Agency colleague, Jason Poon! You the man!


The Fung Brothers sing and rap in this music video and their performance is not bad.  Actually, it’s quite entertaining.

What made me raise an eyebrow was when I saw that they recruited Mark Keppel’s (high school) dance team, which was nice but not the best representation, for a brief dance performance.  They didn’t merely record themselves eating and bsing around 626.  They tapped into the community, contacted friends of known establishments who happened to be Asian – Qwest Crew, Wong Fu Productions, etc. – and chose recognizable/local favorite 626 eateries and plazas to shoot their scenes, while promoting them within the video.  From Baccali, Savoy, JJ Cafe (lawd have mercy), Din Tai Fung, Focus Plaza or San Gabriel Square to Noodle WorldNem Nuong Nihh Hoa, JJ Bakery and Fluff Ice (the list goes on and on), all your favorite 626 places to hang out at night and stuff your face are on there.  Even my old high school gets love.  Go Matadors!


To top it off, their camera work and video editing is professional and makes the content look great. Two thumbs up.

I’ve been telling everyone that the real Chinatown is in 626 where you can find one of the best and cheap Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants and establishments that Southern California has to offer.  That may be a bold statement to make but I feel it is true, at least in my generation.  I think this video gives you good visual evidence of that claim.  Regardless, it is fun and I’m sure that all my 626 friends will appreciate this!

Any video that shoots in my 626 hood and features some of my favorite eateries gets blog love and recognition.  Check the video below.  Go Jeremy Lin!


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