GO: lucky bunny “strength in numbers 2” exhibition | joseph watson gallery 4.6.12



Los Angeles-based artist Lucky Bunny from creator Rich DeSimone returns to the thriving Las Vegas art scene for his second art exhibition “Strength in Numbers 2” on Friday, April 6, 2012 at the Joseph Watson Collection for Las Vegas’ famous ‘First Fridays’ art celebration. DeSimone will showcase limited edition silkscreen and giclee prints from his iconic imagery. This exhibition will include a new series (can be found at: www.richdesimone.com) that features his signature display of ironic and humorous art mixed with his acclaimed Lucky Bunny imagery. Select photos will also be featured, for the first time, from DeSimone’s “BunnyWoman” photography series, a never-before-seen project in collaboration between DeSimone and photographer Jeremy Jackson.

DeSimone is well known for his successful Grenade Bunny vinyl toy design within the Las Vegas art community. The last special edition Grenade Bunny sculpture accompanied by a handmade wooden crate will be on display and available for collectors. Limited quantities of t-shirts and stickers will be available for purchase.

DeSimone’s fine art takes its imagery from pervasive public signage, and its aesthetic from the decaying layers of urban archeology created when ads and flyers are layered over each other in public spaces, ad infinitum. His work is often simple and purely graphic, with a tongue-in-cheek slyness that belies a deeper conceptual background. His urban ideas find unexpected coupling with rabbits, who are curious, sensitive creatures. The cuteness of the bunnies draws viewers in, then forms a striking contrast with a rough city grunge aesthetic, war-related content, and DeSimone’s signature heaping dose of irony and humor.

Oldies but goodies:

Lucky Bunny Website: www.luckybunny.net
Rich DeSimone Website: www.richdesimone.com
Lucky Bunny Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/luckybunnyart
Lucky Bunny Twitter: @lucky_bunny


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