LUNCH: spaghetti “chioggia” | il piccolino



How come I’ve never heard of this Italian restaurant down the street from my j.o.b.? Our boss has been holding out on us. He has never mentioned this little gem of a place just south of Melrose Avenue on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood – Il Piccolino (note: menu is not updated on website). Regardless, we are now aware and this eatery will easily replace our usual Italian lunch spot, Cecconi’s, which is incomparable in quality and taste.

Legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub apparently is good friends with the owners of Il Piccolino, which he frequents, among other celebrities, and even has a dish named after him – Jerry Weintraub’s Spaghetti Clam Show. His biography quietly sit on the top shelf above the register.

I plan on eating here again and again…

Where: Il Piccolino | West Hollywood

What: Spaghetti “Chioggia” – grilled shrimp, pine nuts, bottarga (cured tuna roe), black squid ink pasta | $23.95

Verdict: This dish was amazingly delicious in flavor, textured perfectly and high in quality. Pleasantly surprised, I ate well beyond what my stomach could hold but I was determined to finish the plate. Clean.

The grilled shrimp were perfectly cooked. The bottarga (the orange flakes you see in the pic) gave a hint of fish taste but was not overwhelming as it blended well with the spices/sauce of the dish. The black squid ink pasta was generous in portion and perfect in texture. Everything went well together and I am salivating right now just as I reminisce how I relished every bite.

Must. Order. Again. Must. Try. Every. Dish. Must. Return. Very. Soon.

This blew everything that Ceconni’s has to offer. And I’ve tried MANY dishes at said restaurant, which averages 2/5 stars.

Il Piccolino, you are a winner!


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