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I’ve never heard of the Fung Brothers until Irving Der schooled me on them today. He excitedly told me about a “626” video that I should watch because I would immediately relate and understand. Boy, was he right. Every place that was featured in the video, I was thinking “I’ve been there,” “I’ve eaten that” and “Wow.”  […]

I should watch television more often so I can catch funny commercials like Allstate’s Blind Spot Mayhem, which I thought was pretty clever.  The face that the guy makes at 0:12 is just great. I know all about blind spots.  Although my Prius has 10 windows, every direction I look through my mirrors are blind […]

My colleague sent me this hilarious video featuring Miss USA 2011 candidates trying to answer the simple question, “Should math be taught in schools?”  She commented that if it were real, her hope for the American education system is out the door (sidenote: she is French/English).  Furthermore, she kinda thinks it is real.  I, on the other […]