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How come I’ve never heard of this Italian restaurant down the street from my j.o.b.? Our boss has been holding out on us. He has never mentioned this little gem of a place just south of Melrose Avenue on Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood – Il Piccolino (note: menu is not updated on website). Regardless, we […]

A portion of a Sam Flores mural. He’s everywhere in SF Last weekend, I flew myself to San Francisco for leisure. The last time I was in the Bay was a few years ago and I told myself I would visit again soon. I decided a few months ago that this year I had to make […]

Sorry for the late weekend recap post. I’m not sure yet if I’d like to maintain a weekly “wkend recap” series but I suppose should my life remain eventful, I’ll continue as time permits. With an aim to post less words and more photos, I’ll briefly recap that this weekend was filled with lots of […]


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Who are you fooling with a mushroom burger, right? Maybe you’ve ordered something similar in a restaurant only to regret it upon taking a bite. (That’s definitely happened to me a couple of times.) The problem with most mushroom burgers is a lack of flavor and juiciness. This may…

This past weekend was very relaxing and I was able to be more active in the kitchen, which was documented in photos.  I ran, cooked, ate, enjoyed art, took car for regular maintenance, shopped, walked the busy streets of Old Town Pasadena in blazing Los Angeles weather and stuffed my face. What a way to […]

I’ve never heard of the Fung Brothers until Irving Der schooled me on them today. He excitedly told me about a “626” video that I should watch because I would immediately relate and understand. Boy, was he right. Every place that was featured in the video, I was thinking “I’ve been there,” “I’ve eaten that” and “Wow.”  […]

Happy New Year, everyone!  What better way to start off the first blog post of 2012 than with FOOD, one of my favorite things to talk about and consume. Our department frequents Bossa Nova when we decide to go on lunch to catch up on business and everyone’s holiday festivities. I usually order the Cristie’s […]

Over the Christmas weekend, I consumed more homemade Mexican tamales than I’ve ever had in my life (#winning).  They were delicious.  When I had the chance to try a homemade Nicaraguan tamale, I was indeed excited to experience the comparison.  No, my family did not make them.  They are traditional Chinese and do not celebrate […]

Yesterday, the lovely @coolhaus truck stopped by the office to give us complimentary ice cream sandwiches.  I guess it was in celebration of their grand opening store in Culver City, where they were also handing out free sandwiches.  I’ve always wanted to try coolhaus but never could fork out over $3 for an ice cream […]

There are many fine LA. eateries that have been on my list of places to try for years now.  And are there oh so many places to choose from in Los Angeles.  It’s hard to keep up, which explains why I have a list in the first place.  Groupon gave me some credit to use on […]