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Originally posted on The Bite House:
Who are you fooling with a mushroom burger, right? Maybe you’ve ordered something similar in a restaurant only to regret it upon taking a bite. (That’s definitely happened to me a couple of times.) The problem with most mushroom burgers is a lack of flavor and juiciness. This may…

Came into work this morning to a pleasant boxed surprise.  Not just one pair, but two pairs of Keds (Skipper Strip + Ox Aqua) courtesy of Cashmere Agency’s Ro Ro the Mofo.  Thanks so much for sending these over!  I wonder how comfortable they are for cycling.  Trying these babies on immediately when I get home […]

a poem…


Some singers sing of ladies’ eyes, And some of ladies’ lips Refined ones praise their ladylike ways, And coarse ones praise their hips. “The Oxford Book of English Verse” Is lush with lyrics tender; A poet, I guess, is more or less, Preoccupied with gender. Yet I, though custom call me crude, Prefer to sing […]