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Los Angeles based artists rapper/singer Young De (aka Demrick) and producer/rapper Scoop DeVille teamed up and put out a bumpin’ EP last year called “Neva LOOK Back.”  They did a remix to one of the tracks “What’s Good!?” featuring Cliqou Nico and the talented Brevi. An oldie but a goodie, you can catch the music video […]

The homies at @TruthStudios just released their much anticipated Truth Studios Presents: The Hall of Fame Mixtape Vol. 1 featuring tracks from Thurz, Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, J*DaVeY, Shawn Jackson, Skeme, Young De and more.  Support great music and most importantly, great people who are putting together this mixtape for your hearing pleasure.

I’ve owned quite a few iPods in my life but they never lasted or was stupidly given away. RIP to my 20GB from years ago and bad move on my iPod Nano that has a new owner (X), who still owes more than what is known. My 30GB iPod (5th Gen?) works but when plugged, only one speaker picks up the tunes. The insides are worn. Can I go to the dreadful Apple store to inquire about it? Sure. Why don’t I? *shrugs* So my only properly working iPod is the 2GB Shuffle, which is often used when I’m running. As you can imagine, 2GB does not allow me to splurge on the music importing so I have to be quite selective. My playlist(s) is pretty diverse and I thought I’d share my current because it is pretty bangin’, IMO (in my opinion). In no particular order: